Hong Kong remains a welcoming city for tourists and investors, a safe place for travelers from around the world.

Hong Kong has a long tradition of peaceful and orderly processions, which are facilitated by Police. However, in recent weeks, some protesters have blocked roadways, vandalized property and confronted Police after the end of some processions. The Police are upholding law and order to contain these acts.

The impact of these illegal confrontations is confined to a limited area near the procession routes, and is not widespread, though may have caused inconvenience to some visitors.  

The HKSAR Government maintains close contact with the diplomatic corps and foreign chambers of commerce in Hong Kong about the latest situation.

Travel agents, hotels and business organisations are providing advice and making arrangements to minimise any possible disruptions to visitors.

The Government, the business sector – in particular the tourism, convention and exhibition, retail and food and beverage sectors – as well as the community at large, all stand ready to welcome and assist visitors to Hong Kong any time.

09 August 2019, Hong Kong